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Siddharth Jha
Siddharth Jha

Note: This page documented how I spent my Q2 2021. It has since been archived and I want to rethink this framework for 2022 and beyond. You can now find me here.

👋 Hi, I'm Siddharth! Currently a UX Engineer at Headout, on a mission to track everything I do. Check out progress on my work and life below:

💻 Work

Quantifiably improve Headout's Design → Engineering collaboration.
Refine and prototyping process and enable more team members to do so.
Kickstart ██████████ system and lay down core philosophy + guidelines.
Increase visibility of the Headout's Product team outside of the company.
Build a scalable, OS-agnostic folder structure and backup system.
Complete Graduation Thesis — ██████████
Ship (at least) 4 Motion Design pieces this quarter (product or marketing)

🛠 Tinker

Learn about the new Web Animation, Web Audio and WebGL APIs.
Resurrect and complete modding my Casio SA-75
Improve Launchpad X trigger velocity threshold
Sell/giveaway Yamaha keyboard (PSR-i455)
Repair Headphones
Repair Earphones

🥗 Health (needs work)

Explore and try at least 2 new dishes a month
Start exercising
Buy new chair with proper back and lumbar support
Jugaad a standing-desk workstation and work 4 hours a day standing
Spend less than an 60m a day on the phone

🎮 Play

Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Hitman 3

👨‍🔧 Personal (no progress here, rethink for Q3)

Click more pictures with my phone. Documentation > Style.
Donate all my old clothes and build a capsule wardrobe
Give away all excess stationery
Start streaming regularly ??


  1. Want to discuss or help me with any of these? I'm @clearlysid on twitter!
  1. Built with 11ty and Notion, hosted on Netlify, open sourced on Github.

Have a nice day! ✌️

— Siddharth